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How To Make A Career As A Comedian

Laughter is good for the soul. It makes you feel good and put you in high spirits. A good laugh is often compared to a mild workout. It stimulates your muscles, gets your blood flowing, boosts your immune system, reduces stress hormones, decreases blood pressure, and improves your sleep pattern. For these reasons, being a comedian is a rewarding career. Read on to find out how to make a career as a comedian.

Build A Following

A social following is a good way to gain exposure, turn visitors into fans, and build a following. Being a comedian is your brand, and you want to build awareness. Posting on social media websites creates a community. If you are backed by a community, then you will have repeat fans come to your shows, which will boost your sales.

Get Representation From A Lawyer

It is important to get representation from a business lawyer when you start doing shows. If you want to run your own company, then seeking legal help is the cost of doing business. You need a lawyer to look over your contracts for shows. It is important that all your expenses are paid for and you are getting the right amount of money for doing the show. You are also going to have expenses and need to pay taxes.

There are some things in business that require a lawyer. Comedians are getting sued all the time. You can say the wrong thing, or someone may claim you plagiarized a joke. Most times the lawsuits are frivolous, and people are just trying to get money. If you have legal representation, then your lawyer can step in and get the case dismissed. The point is to build an income stream and retain it.

Research The Greats

It is important to research the comedians that came before you. Most comedians are known for having a certain style. Richard Pryor is one of those comedians who took his pain and made it funny. He was telling jokes during a time when comedy was more conservative. Pryor was known for using a lot of profanity in his jokes. Jerry Seinfeld did a lot of situational comedy. He talked about characters that people could relate to.

It can take years to get big as a comedian. However, you can make an income as you climb to the top. If you are thinking about building your brand, then it helps to talk to a lawyer.